About Me

Creating & writing stuff makes me feel alive. It’s also how I earn money to live.

So that worked out well.

I’ve been creating my own personal projects since 2006. Back in high school I picked up freelance web design and never looked back. Now I do freelance writing about UI trends, design tips, web development and other similar topics.

Whenever I’m not working I fill my time with practice and learning new skills like how to roll my r’s. Still can’t – but working on it.

JakeRocheleau writer & Designer

I love creating new ideas and building stuff with awesome people. Working and learning through life experience is what I’m all about.

Life itself seems to offer endless inspiration. There’s nothing more exciting than learning how the world runs & operates. The only thing better is learning with other people.

Jake Rocheleau photo

If you’d like to see more specific work or strike up a jovial discourse get in touch and let me know.