Jake Rocheleau

Writer of words. Designer of webs.

Creative stuff is my game

Where everything's made up & the points don't matter.

My field of work is writing and design.

I feel that my work speaks volumes. But I also feel my personality plays a role in every project. Quality work & honest communication are my guiding principles.

Born and raised in eastern Massachusetts. I still reside in MA but work with clients from all over. I'll chase projects & great people anywhere except windowless vans. Not falling for that again.

My schedule is packed but I try to make time for requests. If you have a cool idea or noteworthy question feel free to get in touch and let me know.

The Craft of Crafting Words

From detailed how-tos and technical manuals to web copy and specialized e-books, writing is what I do.

Started freelancing in 2009 and over time I've branched into many different areas. The most rewarding projects have also been the most challenging & I'm always looking for new ideas. If you need some written words my one-man band can accommodate.

Design blogs offered my first taste of freelance writing. Many years later I'm still doing this kind of work and feeling more grateful every day.

Online Writing Samples

Envato Blog
Web Design Ledger
Vandelay Design
Design Shack
Template Monster
Treehouse Blog

For the Love of Design

Learning web design in high school kept me busy and much less angsty. What started as curiosity blossomed into full-on passion for all areas of design.

My strongest skillset is designing for the web because I've been practicing for over 7 years. This includes a healthy sense of design & fervent knowledge of development.

I've dabbled in print work but also believe the proverb "jack of all trades, master of none". Specialization is more my thing.

The majority of my design work goes into blog posts rather than client work. At the moment I don't have a voluminous portfolio of live work — but I do have a few live samples and Dribbble shots of my latest tutorials/personal designs.

A Few Dribbble Shots

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