About Me

Creating & writing stuff is just such a blast. It’s also how I earn currency to survive.

So that works out well.

I’ve been creating my own projects since 2006. I picked up freelance web design starting in high school and never looked back. Now I do freelance writing on UI/UX trends, user behavior, marketing, web development and other thing.

Whenever I’m not working I’m usually working.

JakeRocheleau writer & Designer

I love creating new ideas and building stuff with people. Working and learning through life experience is as good as it gets.

Can’t say I have much else to add but if you wanna learn more I’m usually open to chat.

I answer like 99% of my emails so go ahead and send one over.

Jake Rocheleau photo

If you’d like to see more specific work or strike up a jovial discourse get in touch and let me know.